A traditional woman doing household chores dressed up in saree. The irony is modern woman passing by. #streetartIndia


Are those blazing autumn leaves, or flowing hot lava ready to consume the entire building?- Anpu Varkey


The Origin Of The World – By Spanish artist, Borondo

The Origin Of The World, plays with the concepts of life and birth and attempts to depict the journey of a child from a mother’s womb to the world. The arch in the middle with the tree emerging from it becomes a metaphor for birth, while the boat floating on the river flowing between the columns on the right signifies life and the journey that the child must begin.


A Strange Hat



French artist Chifumi played with the padma, a hand gesture from Indian classical dance, and infused it with a Khmer pattern from Cambodia.



The Dutch artist combines calligraphy and graffiti to create a mural that includes a poem he wrote.


Vishwaroopa – Inkbrushnme

In this piece Inkbrushnme continues to explore concepts of Indian mythology which are a recurring theme in his work. Vishwaroopa is an all encompassing omni form of Lord Vishnu and marks the beginning of 18 day battle of Mahabharata. Vishnu manifests in his cosmic grandeur hypnotising Arjuna, the supreme warrior and shows him that all universal matter, animate and inanimate is him.



The famous actress Nadira keeping the bollywood alive.


Fusion Art

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