She took a tour to dispense twinkle.

“Where there is kindness, there is goodness. Where there is goodness, there is Magic”. 

“”, she said with power in her voice as she entered the compartment. It was a usual day in the local metro, people were busy reading, chatting, laughing, not paying attention to the lady. She said again, “”, but nobody seemed interested.

She turned her side and smiled, I thought she was looking at me, so I smiled back. She came closer and smiled again, I realised it was not me but the person sitting next. The lady handed her a bag and said, Sunita, why didn’t you come yesterday, I was waiting for you.

Sunita travels everyday between Dadar and Borivali local metro, selling flowers. Sunita replied, “My daughter was not well, so I skipped three stations”. The lady said, “please take care of her, I’ll bring some medicines tomorrow”. Sunita smiled and was interrupted by a customer.

Out of curiosity I asked the lady, “Do you know this woman’? The lady replied, no,”I don’t”. Hearing this I asked, “Why did you say that you’ll bring medicines tomorrow”? The lady smiled and said, “I have been helping her and three other women like her by providing them basic necessity, like clothes, medicines, sometimes wheat flour too. I am donating the old school books of my children for her daughter.”

I asked, “Since how long are you helping her”? She said, “5 years” as she stood and walked towards the door waving towards Sunita to get down on her station. I was just gazing as her as she walked down and got lost in the crowd.

To spread a smile you do not need to wear a cape.