Me in preference to the world.

I woke up at 5:45 in the morning today, it was still dark outside. I came back to bed thinking I should go back to sleep instead of going to the event because nobody is accompanying me. I was in the impression  that if I had a company, then only it would be interesting and sensible to go for the event. I called one of my friend hoping she would change her decision and would follow me to the event, but I was disappointed as she didn’t pick up the phone.

The time was running, I had to make a decision, I never went to an event alone before. Images of people kept flashing in my brain (probably thinking that I must be pretty weird and very lonely). I took a deep breath and asked myself a question, Do you want to do this? After a pause, I answered, YES!

I changed as fast as possible, tied up my hair in a pony, took my scooter keys and rode towards something that I have never experienced before, ALONE. The sun was still sleeping. People were up already, following their routine. The streets were twinkling, birds came out of their nest. I was feeling energetic.

The sun started coming up, the shades in the sky felt like they were complimenting the decision. The event was all about #happystreets, different activities for all age groups. It was a step to aware people who without cell phones, laptops and tablets, could enjoy themselves. There was some zumba, cycle race and even yoga with some GK quiz just to boost up the knowledge.

The event might not be a big step towards celebrating yourself, but it sure is a step. Pulling out a Nike cliché here — but “Just Do It.” That is my approach. Chances are I might not see those strangers again and even if I do I would have given up trying to look “cool” to others. 

I’m kind and patient and gentle and loving and forgiving of myself. I laugh at my mistakes and I let go of my errors. I am strong and courageous. That’s the kind of person I want to be. 

So whether it works out or doesn’t work out, deep down, I haven’t lost anything. I’m still me. I’m still complete. I still have the friendship I’ve built with the me.